We're Folking Good

No Ordinary Dummies
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We're Folking Good
There's a certain kind of music I really want to play
It begins with an F and it ends with a K
And it might have been the first word anybody spoke
It's a four-letter word
And the word is 'folk'

People go to schools and universities
Studying the musical formalities
But to learn folk music, what you gotta do
You gotta go to
Folk U

Folk is the natural sound
Of Folkies, folking around
Folk is misunderstood
We're folking good

Folk means people and I'm one of those
I'm a pretty square guy, you can tell by my clothes
Some people, they may scoff
But all I gotta say is: "Folk off!"

Cause I've been folkin' since I was a kid
Folkin is the only thing I ever did
Folk is my family, folk is my friend
I'll be folkin' till the very end

So grab a guitar, fill up a cup
And sit around together getting all folked up
We're gonna play till our fingers smoke
We're gonna folk until we croak

Cause folk is the natural sound
Of folkies folking around
Folkies are misunderstood
We're folking good
We're folking good
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