I'll Always Think Of You

No Ordinary Dummies
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I'll Always Think Of You
They say nostalgia, ain't what it used to be, but that's not true for me.
As I long for those times when we were free, and we could say hello, in the town I used to, no.
I'll always think of you with everything I do, the way you used to be.
And now that it's history, all faded photographs evoke the bitter laugh.
Sometimes it seems a shame that nothing stays the same.
The old man is pointing to a space up in the air.
So see that spot above that lawn, I used to live right there.
Yes, they're tearing down all our favorite buildings with no good reason.
It's like Rubble Without a Cause.
Yes, there was a time in Montreal where I come from, where in the downtown area there were great night clubs, with names like the store club, the Petriot, the Esquire, the show bar, the cafe to last places, where you could see Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett perform.
Yes, it's true. Do you remember? Do you remember when beer bottles were round and stubby? Now we're round and stubby.
Yes, it was an era where you could see 20 guys all playing together on stage at the same time. Nowadays, you're lucky if you get two.
And always think of you, the town I somehow knew. I see it everywhere, as though it was still there.
The way the world was then seems like a heaven.
And when I'm gone, you know, that's where I hope to go.
No, thank you. It's not as easy as it looks.
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