Don Cherry's Tailor

No Ordinary Dummies
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Don Cherry's Tailor
In Canada, Emory, Saturday night, there's a ritual we're used to seeing.
We look forward to it the rest of the week, cause it's part of our national beat.
It's that moment right after the first period, the one we look forward to sharing.
When we gasp and we say to each other in awe, look at what Don Cherry's wearing.
Now Don is a man who has high self-esteem and it doesn't need to be bolstered.
Through TV he enters right into our homes, not so much dressed as a pollster.
As a nation all sits on their couches and watches philosophy that is a play-doh.
A coach who is dressed as a couch is a dressing and nation of coach potatoes.
His ties are so bright you can see them from space.
His collar looks like a neck brace.
You may criticize, you may even scoff.
But there's only one man who can pull it off.
Sometimes he looks like a crazed checkerboard or a map by random McNally.
But mostly he comes off as a cross between Mardswell and Salvador Nali.
May his blazer still blaze, his collar still rise, may his ties never grow paler.
May every Canadian cherish the prize of the skill of Don Cherry's tailor.
Thank you.
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