I'm Glad I Live In Canada

No Ordinary Dummies
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I'm Glad I Live In Canada
I'm glad I live in Canada, who wouldn't like it here Canadian is a railway, Canadian is a beer
The Order of Canada is given out with ease The Order of Canada is to most please
There's two kinds of people in the world that I have met Canadians and people who aren't Canadians yet
There's a test you have to take to be a citizen Would you like to be a Canadian?
Yeah! Okay, you're in!
I'm glad I live in Canada, summer, spring and fall Our country is so big, our problems are so small
When dot coms went under, I was A-O-K I was not dot com, I was dot C-A
Canada is so much more than a borderline Canada's not a state, it's a state of mind
Some Americans are Canadians, to them we tip our hats About a half of them might say, they call them Democrats
I'm glad I live in Canada, for that I do give thanks I like lakes and mountains and real estate and banks
You'll learn things in Canada, you'll never learn in school Like Mexico is hot, but Canada is cool
Thank you, merci, merci beaucoup!
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