Bowser & Blue still lightening the mood after 40 years!

On Saturday, Aug. 27, George Bowser and Rick Blue, far better known as the comedic musical duo Bowser and Blue, took the stage at Macallan’s Pub in Dorval in what might be called a return to their natural habitat — performing in local bars.

By Anthony Bonaparte, The Suburban Sep 2, 2022 Updated Sep 11, 2022.

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The duo have been creating and performing music and comedy together since 1979, and have no plans to slow down or stop!

A Short History

Bowser & Blue, are a musical duo from Montreal who write and perform comedic songs. Their material ranges from absurdist humor to pointed political and cultural satire.

Stage Requirements

Do you need an introduction or want to learn technical requirements for performing an event with Bowser & Blue? Here is our stage requirements.

Logo & Photos

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Bowser & Blue get serious about Ukraine

The Montreal comedy duo have shared their rendition of the Ukrainian national anthem. (Bill Brownstein Montreal Gazette, Mar 12, 2022)

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