Need an Introduction?

If you have to introduce us on stage, and don't know what to say… this will work every time:

"And now for our entertainment: If you've seen them before, you know what to expect. If you haven't, you're in for a great surprise. Here they are... Bowser and Blue!


  • Minimum size: 12ft deep x 16ft wide x 24" high
  • 1 x 6ft skirted table at rear of stage for props
  • NO obstructions are permitted on stage in front of Bowser & Blue performance space (such as podiums, chairs, signs, etc.). If any are necessary before the show, they must be removed & any adjustments to equipment set-up must be executed before start of show.
  • *Applicable to event, venue & audience size
  • Minimum: Good, general stage wash (shadowless & bright) Pink/Salmon lighting gels desirable
  • Optional: If applicable to venue/event, 1 to 2 Follow Spots with 1 to 2 Operators desirable
  • *Applicable to event, venue & audience size
  • 2 vocal microphones on boom stands
  • 1 wireless microphone (Shure or equivalent)
  • 1 reverb for vocals
  • 1 mike spare, coiled - S/R
  • 3 direct boxes
  • 2 monitor loudspeakers, one for each vocalist.
  • Monitor mix same for both singers: vocals & acoustic guitar.
  • Side fill monitors or wedge monitors are both acceptable.
  • 1 CD player at the board
  • Minimum of 6 available channels at sound board
  • Adequate sound power for size of venue/audience.
  • Usually calculate 3 to maximum 5 watts of power per person.
  • On-site technician to monitor show
  • A private, clean and secure dressing room and bathroom close to the stage, set with table & chairs, coat rack/hangers, mirror and towels.
  • In addition to pre-arranged hot meals, dressing room shall be set with water, soft drinks, orange juice, red & white wine and/or beer and snacks.


* If Bowser and Blue have not been contracted to supply the show production, we cannot be held responsible for inability to perform, delays and other problems due to improper execution of minimum requirements.

Questions, concerns or requests for access

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our stage requirements, please contact us.

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