It has to end sometime

No Ordinary Dummies
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It has to end sometime
We'd like to conclude our show right now with the ... yes, it has to end some time, you know.
It's Saturday Night in Cornwall. They don't want to go home.
Anyway, we'd like to finish now with a national anthem, because we are proud Canadians.
- I'm especially proud of our contribution to the Space Shuttle, the Canada Arm. Yes, the Canada Arm. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Anyway, here it is, the national anthem.vI know it's not the national anthem, but I'd love to play it.
It's the theme from Bonanza, and that reminds me of Alberta, because that's where we've been having a Bonanza in Canada.
And here's a little song to celebrate that. This is what you'd sing if you lived in Alberta.
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