Pete Seeger story

No Ordinary Dummies
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Pete Seeger story
This guitar is signed by Mr. Pete Seeger, and I'm very proud of that.
Pete Seeger, yes. He was an inspiration.
You guys know who Pete Seeger is?
Where have all the flowers gone? If I had a hammer, turn, turn, turn.
Good night, Irene.
Songs like that.
He's still on tour. He's over 90 years old. He's still touring.
There's hope for us.
It's an inspiration. When he goes to play, people sing his songs, which is great.
In fact, his voice is shot. He can't sing, but it's a wonderful thing.
The audience all sings.
He can't hear it, but it's a wonderful experience.
Anyway, God bless him. He's the reason why a lot of young people took up the guitar
instead of a gun in the 60s, me included.
So this is for Pete.
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