Cheer Up

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Cheer Up
Whenever you look around you, and you start to get depressed
Compared to other places, face it, Montreal's the best

Cheer up
They used to tell me when I was just a kid
Cheer up
Things could get worse -
So I cheered up, and they did!

Cheer up
They want to dismember the country, it's true
Cheer up
It could be Algeria, they'd be dismembering you

You could have been one of the hundreds of passengers
Flying to Paris TWA
Who suddenly found they were drinking seawater
Instead of a wine in a French café
You could have been one of the thousands of people
Who lived near the river in the Saguenay
Who stood in their underwear only to wonder
Where all of the houses had floated away

Cheer up
At that club on Pie Neuf, they could have found you
Cheer up
You could be a separatist and not look good in blue
Cheer up
You could have been working for Jojo Savard
Cheer up
You could have voted for Lucien Rouchard
Cheer up, you could be in Kabul
Cheer up, you could be in Belfast
Cheer up, you could be in Israel
Cheer up, you could be in...
If Quebec politics get you down, down, down, down
And you want to retire to a quiet small town, town, town
With cheap and desirable real estates
Just stay in Montreal
And wait, wait, wait
And cheer up!
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