Bouchard's Speech

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Bouchard's Speech
I would like to speak to the Anglophone community of Quebec.
Is this all of them?
I'm here to build a bridge to the Anglophone community of Quebec.
Like all bridges, it will be beautiful, it will be strong,
it will be constantly in need of repair,
and on weekends it will be closed for no reason at all.
My topic tonight is living together before, during and after the referendum,
which in Quebec is all of the time.
It is possible to have linguistic peace in Quebec.
Linguistic peace is like underwear, sometimes it creeps up on you.
But we must not ignore that there are some in the parts of Quebec
who for many reasons are upset when they see signs that say,
Second Cup, Blockbuster.
Oui - "Bloc Buster" - that is a provocation.
The block is not busted because I left.
We must not be provoked by the extremists.
And we must stop Galganov - or we will all go blind.
S'il vous plait.
I am concerned, very concerned, I am concerned about partition,
more concerned even than was René Levesque.
His partition was here and it went all the way over to here, it was an extreme partition.
We must not be, we must not be so negative.
They say that thousands of people are leaving Quebec,
but this is in line with the economic
policy of the government of Quebec.
We are downsizing.
It saddens me to hear that the best and brightest of Quebec's Anglophones have left.
But you are still here.
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