Oh, Alberta

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Oh, Alberta
Alright, it's in what key is it? It's in a Canadian key.
It's in the key of A

Oh, Alberta.
We're turning back the clock
We're kicking out the Bloc
Oh, Alberta.
Home of the dinosaur

On election night it was quite a sight
There on the TV screen.
Quebec was distinct, Ontario was pink
But out west, we all turned green.

No more wishing - I'm leader of the opposition
Now, it's finally come to pass.
And if you don't agree, you can take your fleur de lys
And shove it up your National Ass ... embly.

Oh, Alberta.
I'm just another fella they discovered at Drumheller.
Oh, Alberta.
Home of the dinosaur.

We've got a great new look, we've balanced all our books.
Thanks to that wonderful guy named Ralph.
Yes, we're conservative out here - our women wear brassieres
Heck, I'm even wearing one myself.

Those Easterners, with their masseurs and their liqueurs
Think I'm a frump and a chump.
But I've got just one word for Mordecai and his herd.
"Head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump."

Oh, Alberta.
We're tough on crime.
They'll do Rocky Mountain time.
Oh, Alberta.
Your winds made me warm
When you voted for reform.
Oh, Alberta.
Home of the dinosaur.
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