What A Funny City!

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What A Funny City!
what a funny city what is a very funny city you know it takes a bit of getting
used to it does take a bit of getting used to you know for example let me give
you a for example what three examples actually but I will get them to you they
call it Park Avenue but there is nowhere to park
definitely and then you know there are many guys on Guy Street but there is
absolutely no curry on the curry Boulevard and I it does not escape my
attention and I it is true yes and for example that was there was a club on
there is a street called peanut I hope I got that right it is called it is called
peanut Street and there is a club where they advertise live sex oh yes I don't
know if there is some other kind but this is what they were advertising and
it was closed down yes the police closed it down after they had it under
surveillance for 12 years I think it was very funny city yes and everyone
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