We Are Townshippers

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We Are Townshippers
We are townshippers, not Cantonneurs de l'est
We are townshippers, the townships are the best.
We are townshippers, and we are proud to be.
It's a good, good life in the townships.

Friends, Bromans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.
Friends, Bromans, buy me a beer.

They used to say that all roads lead to Rome
But when you go to fair, all the dirt roads lead to Brome
We do well in the summer with our restaurants and hotels.
When everyone down here is from summer ... else.
Beautiful antiques are everywhere on view.
And there's even some old furniture too.

We are Townshippers, we do things our own way.
We are Townshippers, we vote for Jean Charest.
We are Townshippers, come roll in the hay.
It's a good, good life in the Townships.

Down here the ducks are held in high regard.
A whole lot of people work for Canard
- I work hard, too!
We breed 'em, we raise 'em, we trade 'em and we truck 'em.
We feed 'em, we fatten 'em, and finally we ... pluck 'em.

We are Townshippers, driving our combines.
We are Townshippers, we put up English signs.
We are Townshippers and we will not be cowed.
It's a good, good life in the Townships.

Sugar shack, cowflop, barnwood, chicken plucker
Corncob, dirt road, antique store.
She was only a farmer's daughter, but all the horsemen knew 'er
- I knew her too!

We are Townshippers, our dairy farms are great.
We are Townshippers, our milk won't separate.
We are Townshippers and we're not shipping out.
It's a good, good life in the Town.
Well, it's a good, good life.
I said it's a good, good life.
In the townships.
Y'all come back now, eh?
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