I'm God

At the Comedy Nest
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I'm God
Woke up this morning
Created the heavens and the earth
Created the planets
The whole universe

Created the moon
Created the stars
I put the caramilk
In the caramilk bars

I'm God
Capital G-O-D, that's me
Get on your knees
For the big cheese

I don't want to brag
About my creation
But I think I deserve
A kneeling ovation

I wanted to create
But I couldn't get a permit
Fom City Hall

I wrote all the music
And the words as well,
Except for rap
That comes from .....

I don't want to brag
I don't want to carp
But stand back folks
While I play my harp.

I'm God
Capital G-O-D. O-D on me!
Get on your knees
For the big cheese
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