Not Many People R-R-Realize

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Not Many People R-R-Realize
You know there are some English who have lived in the Quebec all their life, but they don't speak French
That's like saying I lived in Quebec, but I didn't inhale
You know Angus
Not many people realize that Quebec was named by a Scott
That's right. You see it was James Ross Scott who traveled with Karché who saw a promontory
From the boat and said K. Beck instead of a kill Beck
Well, his French wasn't a very good and neither was his English, but his Gaelic was great
And also the battle of the planes of Abraham the planes were named after Abraham Martin Scott who owned them
Yes, indeed, and he probably charged the participants a tidy rent for the occasion and after the battle when wolf was killed
It was his second in command general Murray Scott who accepted the surrender from the French wounded
Montcom second in command general Ramsey Scott
That's right. So the key to the city of Quebec was exchanged in Gaelic much to the confusion of the inhabitants
Who to this day cannot figure out who won?
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