Do You Suffer From Bloc Quebecois?

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Do You Suffer From Bloc Quebecois?
Do you suffer from bloc québécois?
Do you have a pain in your referee random?
Try new separation age.
Separation age.
A nouveau produit du bloc québécois.
To ease the hitch in your hassle.
You don't have to take your hair set out of québécois.
Keep your hair set in the québécois and assimilate.
Remember, with separation age, it's your hair.
They say to me, is it wrong to be a separatist
and a member of Her Majesty the Queen's loyal opposition?
I say to them, look at the family of the Queen.
Prince Charles, separate dead.
Princess Anne, separate dead.
Princess Andrew, separate dead.
Dav, on that I feel like one of the family.
Yes, that's right. Meanwhile, in Ottawa,
the forces of good and evil are in a titanic struggle
for Canada's very soul.
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