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Yes, you know, to some people, Canadian culture might be the National Film Board.
For instance, they recently re-did "A man and a woman." It's now called "a man, a woman, another woman, a whale, and a government grant."
To others, it might be Trivial Pursuit, which was invented right here.
Now you know you've been playing Trivial Pursuit too long when someone asks you the time and you go: "Don't tell me! I know that one! Don't tell me!"
Ah, but in darkest Canada, nothing breaks the ice at a party like a rousing game of bum darts.
My lovely assistant George will now demonstrate.

You don't have to be a prof.
Or a master of arts
Anyone is smart enough
To play a game of bum darts

Grip a quarter with your butt
This is how the fun starts
Then you drop it in a cup
Now you're playing bum darts

Careful on your first approach
Pay attention to the coach
Clutch the coin tightly with your crease
Till you feel the time is right
Hold on to that quarter tie
Soon will come the moment of release

Bum darts is catching on
From Vancouver to St. John
It's a language that everybody speaks
Any time or any place
It's got style, it's got grace
And with bum darts you'll have firmer cheeks

Now I know what Kurt Browning must have felt like.
That's a genuine piece of Canadian culture. Comes to you from Winnipeg, now there's a surprise
But here it is in Montreal, where of course we have to call itv"Les Flechettes de Foufoune." Guaranteed to break the ice at a party
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