We're From Quebec

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We're From Quebec
We can introduce ourselves now as we are Bowser and blue when we're from
We're from right here in Quebec
That's what it's like to live here, right?
Drive us all mad in the end that's right back the Liberian registered province
Oh, he's looking for new way
Go in the province or just read on a library
Look it back with a new government. That's right. Pq which stands for pack quickly
We think of the party Quebec war as the going away party
Whenever they get into power lots of people go away
They just go away. We stay here. We stay here for many reasons not the least of which is
La société des alcaldes du Québec
Quite simply
Quite simply to be able to go and buy a drink at a place called the alcohol society
It lends it tone. It certainly does. I'm proud to be a member of la société des alcaldes du Québec
You're a charter member, I think
They go to a meeting there daily and
Renew my membership speaking of societies. I see the sociétés. This is this is it is and I'm a fifth
You have to say it like that
Excuse me that I speak with this funny accent, but I don't have it
It's not my fault. It's because there's a French language office
And there's no French teeth office
They recently recently declared that
Muslim woman should not wear the hijab in Quebec. They should wear a toke like everybody else
What's wrong with that? Nothing. Don't forget. Don't forget. By the way, by the way, this man yesterday
Mr. Ricky blow was was very very ill. He had the
He was playing to the poor praying to the porcelain god, but he made it here. He's he's here. In fact, he sent me a fax
And on it was written just que l'on continue
We're looking at another referendum
Wonder why that is
What about the first referendum? Oh, yeah, the guy in Toronto. Yeah, remember him guy in Toronto
Paris those at a meeting, you know, and he's addressing talking about
This really happened folks and some guy
And they hustle him out they said he was causing trouble
Paris I was trying to break up the fucking country
But he was causing trouble
Reality check
Well, you see it's because no means no everywhere but in Quebec
An endless visit to the dentist apparently calling calling to mr. Parizot the arch independent dentist
And I say to you mr. Parizot, it's not a trip to the dentist that's not where it hurts you have the wrong RFS
Is that pain in the ass
Or the rest of Canada
But at least we know the text we know the text the text of the question text of the question
Are you in favor of the gas passed by the National Assembly?
Or as it's translated into French
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