What Is A Canadian?

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What Is A Canadian?
And we like to celebrate things Canadian, because we're Canadian
We're proud of being Canadian.
And what is a Canadian?
Well, you know you're a Canadian if you set aside one day each year to silicone your mukluks.
You know you're a Canadian if every June you look out of the window and say,
"I think spring is in the air."
You know you're a Canadian if your national team only wins a bronze medal, but you're all excited.
You know you're a Canadian if you're 45 years old and you still play hockey to win.
You know you're a Canadian if you look at American money and go:
"hey, it's all the same color. How do they know which is which?"
You know you're a Canadian if they play your national anthem and you don't know the words.
Well, we've got a lot to be proud of here in Canada.
Yes, we do.
Now with the demise of the Soviet Union, why Canada is just about the world's biggest country.
Hey, I think we deserve a new slogan.
A new slogan?
Something like: "Canada. Mmm, you're so big!"
That would help get the tourists up here.
Yes, and of course Canada is famous for its contribution to the space program.
You mean the Canada arm?
Yes, the Canada arm.
(gesture: lifting beer glass)
Coincidence? I don't think so.
Yeah, it's a shame, you know, they say here in Canada we could have had American know-how,
English politics and French culture, but instead somehow we ended up with English know-how,
French politics and American culture.
I've been thinking about that, George.
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