What Is A Canadian?

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What Is A Canadian?
And we like to celebrate things Canadian, you know, because we're Canadian, we're proud of being Canadian.
And what is a Canadian? What is a Canadian?
Well, you know you're a Canadian if you set aside one day each year to silicone your mucklucks.
You know you're a Canadian if every June you look out of the window and say,
I think spring is in the air.
You know you're a Canadian if your national team only wins a bronze medal, but you're all excited.
You know you're a Canadian if you're 45 years old and you still play hockey to win.
You know you're a Canadian if you look at American money and go, hey, it's all the same color.
How do they know which is which?
You know you're a Canadian if they play your national anthem and you don't know the words.
Well, we've got a lot to be proud of here in Canada.
Yes, we do.
Now with the demise of the Soviet Union, why Canada is just about the world's biggest country.
Hey, I think we deserve a new slogan.
A new slogan?
Something like, Canada.
Mmm, you're so big.
I help get the tourists up here.
Yes, and of course Canada is famous for its contribution to the space program.
You mean the Canada arm?
Yes, the Canada arm.
I don't think so.
Yeah, it's a shame, you know, they say here in Canada we could have had American know-how,
English politics and French culture, but instead somehow we ended up with English know-how,
French politics and American culture.
I've been thinking about that, George.
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