The Schmeatles

At the Comedy Nest
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The Schmeatles
Shlemiel Productions and Shlemozzle Entertainment presents - the Schmeatles!
"Lucy's at the Y with Hyman"
Don't be a Shlub! Shmooze to the fabulous music of the Flab 4!
"She's leaving Moe, oy vey"
Don't be a Shmo! This collection is all gold, so buy gold, buy A. Gold!
"Is that real Mohair, Sam?"
Don't be a Shnook! Order now and you'll receive at no extra cost!
One extra record, two extra records, but who's counting?
"Here comes my son, the Doctor
Here comes my son, the Schmuck"
Who's counting?
Yes, from this we make a living!
Don't be a nebbish, be a noodge, these records are not available in any stores
Ask me how to get them, just ask me!
How do you get them?
Don't ask!
"This boy, wouldn't buy wholesale
His business was bound to fail"
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