Mouthfart Medley

At the Comedy Nest
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Mouthfart Medley
You know, Winter Wonderland, you know that song?
Sing along, won't you?
Okay, you obviously don't know that one. Try White Christmas.
I tell you, for my six-year-old, this is the best part of our show.
He doesn't like the political satire, you know. You know the fart bit, dad?
That one took a lesson.
Have a great holiday, everybody. Thanks for coming down.
Okay, have a good one.
Thank you very much.
All right, well, folks, first of all, there's no way in hell that's going to make it on the tape.
That's the first thing I want to say.
One more time, ladies and gentlemen, for Bowser and Blue. Just give it up for them.
They were out here.
Thank you.
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