Zbriger's Opera

Schwartz's The Musical
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Zbriger's Opera
Zbriger's Opera

Woe, o woe is me
A soul should be
Lost in eternity
But I've returned
A lesson must be learned

There was something earthly nudging at my spirit
It was a very strong disturbance, I could hear it
I did not really want
To come back here to haunt
This little deli down on Saint -Laurent
But this is my restaurant ...

Tell me, tell me, tell me what it is you want?
Snooping after hours in my restaurant
It can't be a sandwich, the cutters have all gone
What can be this thing that you are seeking?
The secret recipe
That's what it has to be
Woe! Woe! Woe!

You are a child you can never understand
You see a kitchen but I see a band
Listen to the trumpets, hear the violins!
Can you feel the drums a-rolling?
A gypsy, a gypsy, knows the meaning of
Life, which is feasting and music and love
Yes, you can steal this
Like you can steal a kiss
But some things cannot be stolen
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