One More Step

Schwartz's The Musical
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One More Step
One More Step

Smoked meat; can you write a play about it?
Smoked meat; what is there to say about it?
It's just something people eat,
Smoked meat, smoked meat

I flew in from out of town
And as soon as I touched down
I could feel my excitement growing.
My friends all understand
That my very first demand
Is that this is the first place we're going.
Bet your bottom dollar every ex-Montrealer
Will know the truth of what I am saying:
That before I see my brother or my aged mother
This is something I can't be delaying.

One more step, take my hand
Lead us to the Promised Land.

Might be forty below
With six feet of snow
When I get that craving in my belly.
I will cough and I will sneeze
And I'll stand here and freeze
Cause this ain't no ordinary deli.
I'll show up without fail because this is the Holy Grail,
And that's what inspires our devotion.
I'll be absolved of my sins as soon as I get in,
And that's what brings out such emotion.

One more step, take my hand
Lead us to the Promised Land.

They never found the gold beyond the rainbow.
They never did discover El Dorado.
There's no point in searching for the Garden of Eden,
This is the Garden of Feedin'

This is the Temple, this is the Shrine
This is why we wait in line.

One more step, take my hand.
Lead us to the Promised Land.
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