Get Over Yourself

Schwartz's The Musical
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Get Over Yourself
Get Over Yourself

Isn't this a sad situation?
There is no way out, I suppose
Maybe we can't find a solution in sight
But it might be right here under our nose

Just get over yourself for a moment, cheri
Forget your own troubles - and think about me!
For I know how you feel, oh truly I do
Because all the time I think only of you
And the work that you do and the future you face
But I have to get over this place

The longer I live, I learn that to forgive
Is the best way to open your heart
So leave the past behind, that's when you will find
That's when your love can start
Can start

Madame: for someone who is so nimble - you dance very poorly.
Ben: I move better when I'm holding a plate
Madame: Mon Dieu! No wonder you have a problem with your love life.

Just get over yourself - why not give it a whirl?
Take a break from yourself, get a clue, get the girl
For the sake of your pride and a little bobo
You must not let your love with the bathwater go
If you don't want to be left alone on the shelf
You will have to get over yourself

Go on - talk to her
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