Schwartz's The Musical
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I came many years ago to a place I didn't know
Don't know why I stayed.
Maybe I was mislaid
It was just a mistake I made.

All around me I see
Everything seems to be a disaster
Those inspections
Reveal every flaw
Every chip, every crack in the plaster

The decor, all the bottles and jars
Could all be in private collections
This is no beauty spot
But believe it or not
I love all the imperfections

It is to laugh
And it's not just the staff - it's the clients
Their complexions!
After all that they ate
They should donate their bodies to science

But I love them
All their foibles and quirks
And even their noisy digestions
It's not perfect, I know
But it's hard to let go
Of all of the imperfections

Should I laugh, should I cry, when I want to?
For each love that I tried to hold on to
Yes my pillow is wet, for I'll never forget
All of their imperfections

I call these "laughter lines"
I wonder now, what was so funny?
There's no question
I'm still looking fine
Think of me as a nine - with money.

When you're looking
For a love that is true
You should never ask too many questions.
When there's just you and him
Don't keep the lights dim
Embrace all his imperfections

I am thankful for all life has brought me
And I know in my heart what it's taught me
There can be no ideal, if I want something real
I have to deal with
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