Schwartz's The Musical
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It's been around since time began
Part of a much larger plan
That's why you can never ban - Schmutz!
Don't try to wipe it out
This is what it's all about
There can be no life without - Schmutz!

Schmutz! It's such a lovely word
I've often heard it whispered in the breeze
Schmutz! It's what the cleaners missed
It builds up your resistance to disease
Don't be afraid
Schmutz! Don't be dismayed
It is no disgrace
And that's why all of us embrace it in our life

Built up since nineteen twenty-eight
Its flavor seeps into each plate
It's time that we appreciate - Schmutz!
It is the secret to the taste
And it can never be replaced
So never let it go to waste - Schmutz!

We are here to celebrate
What you can't scrape off the grate
What all Food Inspectors hate - Schmutz!
Many microbes, all unseen,
Think of them as a vaccine
There's such a thing as too clean - Schmutz!

Schmutz! It's part of every star
Without it what we are would be much worse
Schmutz! Like energy and love
It's the very fabric of the Universe
We are immersed
Schmutz! It was here first
Away you shouldn't sweep it
It's essential that you keep it in your life

It's on the walls, it's in the air
It's on the counter, on the chair
It's over here, it's under there - Schmutz!
That's why we all agree Schmutz!
That's why love to see Schmutz!
One day we all will be Schmutz!
words and music by George Bowser and Rick Blue
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