Russia Was Better Under Communism

Humor for Boomers
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Russia Was Better Under Communism
Life was much more certain
Behind the iron curtain
The ruble was more stable
There was cabbage on the table
Truth was very easy to identify
Everything in Pravda was a lie,
lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie!

If democracy does not work, it's Iron Curtains for all of us!

There is a certain magic
When your life is tragic
I'm feeling melancholic
And I'm an alcoholic
I get so sentimental and I cry, cry, cry
Give me a vodka, I am dry
Dry, dry, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie,

All vodka corrupts, but Absolut vodka corrupts absolutely

To hell with comrade Yeltsin
He makes us pull our belts in
Zhirinovsky is a wanker
Throw him in Lubyanka
I don't want a Pizza Hut or a Big Mac
I preferred the market when it was all black
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

I call escort service. Send me big fat, ugly woman! I am homesick

Russian contribution
Is more than revolution
Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky
And Alexander Nevsky
Don't forget Nutcracker by Ballet Bolshoi
That was his first story of a toy
Oy, oy, oy, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

In Russia we also had the sixties - but not until the seventies

I really, really like a
Russian Balalaika
It's not like Rock and Roll
It soothes my Russian soul
It makes me want to dancing through the neighborhood
Oh balalaika's sounding good

The words mean, I am not against Lapp dancing. What they do in Finland is not my business
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