Whoopee! It's Manbashing Time

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Whoopee! It's Manbashing Time
It's man-bashing time, it's man-bashing time Having both X and Y, chromosomes is a crime
Where wife-meeting deadbeats, worse gum-sucking slime, whoopee, it's man-bashing time
Don't pick on the ethnics, it's considered rude You will be lucky if you are not sued
Disabled and colored, the rules are the same But if you have a penis, my friend, you're fair game
Here's the mother of all man-bashing jokes What is the difference between a man and a savings bond?
I don't know, what is the difference between a man and a savings bond?
A savings bond matures
Forget Marcus Welby, forget Father Knows Best
Father's lucky these days, he's not being accused of incest
We men can't complain, though our pain may be great
We'll get no sympathy till we men strew eight
Here's one from the internet
How do men sort their laundry?
I don't know, how do men sort their laundry?
Into two piles, filthy and filthy, but still wearable
If you are a male, you are dunce Men simply cannot do two things at once
We tell stupid jokes, we drink too much beer Except we answer the door in a bath towel and shoes
Beer rhymes with shoes
Well, I'm doing two things at once here, okay?
It's man-bashing time, it's man-bashing time Men are ridiculous, women sublime
We're wife-beating deadbeats
We're scum-sucking slime
It's man-bashing time
What is the reason why every man makes such a bad smell when he goes to the can?
Hey, woman remarks, jeez, it makes your eyes sting
What is it, some kind of territorial thing?
Wait, there's more
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
A man has a life-support system for a penis
There's no way that women can relate to us men
They get PMS, we get TSN
It's man-bashing time, it's man-bashing time
Out of the primeval ooze we climb And lift up our shaggy heads only to find
Whoopee, it's man-bashing time
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