Province Number Eleven

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Province Number Eleven
Montreal cannot survive another referendum
It's time we took control and stopped the tail from wagging the dog
Language doesn't have to be at the top of our agenda
We can prove for the world to see a bloke can live with a frog
People have heard done when you realize that after 25 years all we have to thank the PQ for is cheap office space
I say to you partition people of the West Island
When two Anglos meet in the street and one of them spits and the other one says don't talk politics
I say to you partition people of the town of Mount Royal
When every time you go to the liquor store you notice that the Ontario wines are racked under Diver Payee
I say to you partition people of Ildazhu
When you're really hoping that they'll send Haitians up here to monitor our elections
I say to you partition Montrealers all would feel we'd died and gone to heaven
If we'd lost the albatross that's hanging around our neck
The only way is if we could be province number 11
I never ever have to hear again about Quebec Paaaar-tition (as in - amen)
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