Canajan English

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Canajan English
Use pencil in a sentence.
If you don't wear a belt, your pencil will fall down.
Use furs in a sentence.
Furs I know, the government's jerking us around.
Use forum in a sentence.
Your buddy's late, you'll have to wait forum again.
Use celery in a sentence.
Women ought to get the same celery as men.
Use miniature in a sentence.
Why is it the miniature in the bath the phone will ring you?
Use oral in a sentence.
Take your hands off my wife, oral ding ya.
Use acoustic in a sentence.
In order to play pool you need acoustic.
Use courtesy in a sentence.
Would you courtesy my dick?

All across the nation, people talk Canajan

Use doctrine in a sentence.
Is the doctrine, buddy's in a bad state?
Use officiates in a sentence.
They say he's choking on a donut, but I think it was officiate.
Use roach in a sentence.
I roach you a letter but you didn't reply.
Use scrooge in a sentence.
Hey, who scrooge your sister and made her cry?
Use archaic in a sentence.
It's a shame we can't have archaic and eat it too.
Use European in a sentence.
Look out, European on your shoe.
Use Windsor in a sentence.
You better put rocks in your pockets, the Windsor are getting worse.
Use William Shatner in a sentence.
She's been pissed off ever since William Shatner purse.

Going through immigration, you'll hear them speak Canajan

Well, I went through immigration, I had to, I wasn't here.
I came here a long time ago from England
and I stayed because of something a Canadian girl said to me.
She said, okay.
That meant a lot to me.
Back in England, mostly what they used to say is,
would you like something for the swelling?
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