Canajan English

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Canajan English
Use pencil in a sentence.
If you don't wear a belt, your pencil will fall down.
Use furs in a sentence.
Furs I know, the government's jerking us around.
Use forum in a sentence.
Your buddy's late, you'll have to wait for him again.
Use celery in a sentence.
Women ought to get the same celery as men.
Use miniature in a sentence.
Why isn't the miniature in the bath the phone will ring you?
Use oral in a sentence.
Take your hands off my wife, oral dingham.
Use acoustic in a sentence.
In order to play pool you need acoustic.
Use courtesy in a sentence.
Would you courtesy my dick?
All across the nation, people talk in agent.
All across the nation, people talk in agent.
All across the nation, people talk in agent.
Use doctrine in a sentence.
Is the doctrine, buddy's in a bad state?
Use officiates in a sentence.
They say he's choking on a donut, but I think it was officiate.
Use roach in a sentence.
I wrote you a letter but you didn't reply.
Use scrooge in a sentence.
Hey, who screwed your sister and made her cry?
Use archaic in a sentence.
It's a shame we can't have archaic and eat it too.
Use European in a sentence.
Look out, you're a peon on your shoe.
Use Windsor in a sentence.
You better put rocks in your pockets, the winds are getting worse.
Use William Shatner in a sentence.
She's been pissed off ever since William Shatner first.
Going through immigration, you'll hear them song good agent.
Well, I went through immigration, I had to, I wasn't here.
I came here a long time ago from England
and I stayed because of something a Canadian girl said to me.
She said, okay.
That meant a lot to me.
Back in England, mostly what they used to say is,
would you like something for the swelling?
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