The Speedo

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The Speedo
It reminds me - have you ever noticed it's, it's always the wrong guys that wear the Speedos, right?
I mean the young guys, you know, with their bodies still firm and kind of, you know,
hard - they're in these huge, baggy shorts.
It's the older, softer, flabbier, middle-aged men - with hair sprouting out of every orifice, and love handles, and the whole thing - they're packed into a Speedo.
Sitting there on the beach, legs open, squaffing back a beer.
This little part of their anatomy squished out on one side of their leg.
Glinting in the sun. Kinda of looks like a kiwi.
You'll see this very often on the beaches down in Florida.
And, well, what gets me is, you know, I'm fairly tolerant, but what gets me is, do you say something?
I mean, the rules of etiquette don't really cover this, do they?
I mean, you'd think he'd want to know if his scrotum was being bisected by spandex.
So does one go up and say something, or do you ignore it, or, you know, what do you do in this situation?
- I'll tell you what, you tell him.
You tell him?
- You tell him, that's what I did.
This happened to you?
- Well, I saw it happening.
You went up and said something?
- Absolutely. Sure, I figured I'd want to know, so I told him.
What'd you say?
- I said, your balls are hanging out.
The direct approach, I guess. So, what did he say to that?
- He said: "Quoi?"
So, of course, then you have to translate the question into French, so it's not easy, I guess. It's not like "quelle sorte de legumes avez vous."
- No, no, I had to...
Did you translate it and ask him?
- Yeah, I come up with something.
- I come up with... "vos testicules sont échappés."
I guess it captures, you know, the essence of what you're trying to say, so... what did he say to that?
- He said: "je le sais." And then, then he said a very interesting thing.
What was that?
- He said: "vive le testicule libre!"
400 Quebecers on the beach, you run into Charles de Ball.
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