Na Nafta

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Na Nafta
No comprendo napta, no comprendo napta, you don't understand, no matter how much you beg,
we won't trade a couple of gold for a witty peg, no way I'll say, I love the Canadian
nation, napta has made them berserk, they used to come down for vacation, but now they come
looking for work, no need to be angry at person, I tell my Canadian friends, napta is just a new
version of Matizuma's revenge, na, na, napta, na, na, napta, na, na, nap,
Tiva los tabanacos, tiva los tabanacos, those Quebecers were in their speedos, they're so proud of their healthcare system up there that they want us to see those,
Upending stars, upending stars, the Franco's feel threatened by Anglos, they're betting that one day they're all gonna vanish,
but you Franco's and Anglos can stop all your wranglos, because now you're gonna have to learn Spanish.
Buenos días, señores y señoritas, vamos a los muchachos, donde está el caballero para
los hombres, el presidente loco, mano a mano, Marcos and Pepis. Marcos and Pepis? Sí, sí, sí,
that's the place where they sell beer, you know, so I give them a plug, I give them a plug, they give
us a beer, that's free trade, you see, that's how it works. Man, you're making me thirsty, man.
Why don't we go to the Canadian Legion and have a drink? You want to go to the Canadian Legion and have a drink? Sí.
They'll never let us in with these hats on.
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.
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