The Ten Dollar Bill

The Illustrated Canadian Songbook
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The Ten Dollar Bill
Everything you need to know about Canada
Is right here on this $10 bill.

Well, the bill is colored purple, which rhymes with murple-surple,
That well-known product of our nation.
Made with paper from a tree for our lumber industry,
And it's wrinkled like half the population.

The number ten is there, cause Canada is where
We have provinces, and they number ten.
But the translator's tricks have turned the ten to 'dix',
Because our founding fathers were all men.

There's a picture of Sir John, a man with lots of talent
But they had to write his name so nobody would claim,
Hey, isn't that Woody Allen?

On the back's a watery scene, you might ask, what does this mean?
It can't just be there by mistake.
Well, it's a representation of our shaky federation.
It's a picture of Meech Friggin Lake.

A bird has got its wish, it has caught a fish.
What kind, matters not one iota
For we all understand, especially those in Newfoundland,
That the bird has exceeded its quota.

Our head of state's the queen, but her picture is not there.
Although she's Head of State, I guess she thinks we're second rate.
She's got so much on her plate, she lives elsewhere.

Well, everything you want to know about Canada
Is right here on this ten dollar bill.
So I keep it and I always will.
And when I'm being questioned or grilled
I just show them my ten dollar bill.
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