The Curling Song

The Illustrated Canadian Songbook
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The Curling Song
Curling is good fun, so leave the pub And this is how it's done, and join a club
There's nothing that's at all unorthodox
Sliding down the ice for mates or spouses It can be so nice, aim for two houses
Be careful with the hand that cradles the rocks
The stone slows to a creep It's time for you to sweep
You didn't calculate the right amount of weight
To hurl, gradually you learn How to make it turn
Or rather as they say, to make it curl
When it comes to winter sports, when it gets cold
It's generally thought, so we are told That hockey is the game to which we flock
But if you actually play, participates Then curling wins the day
It's really great, in Canada more people curl Than hawk
And the hero who can curl Always gets the girl
She tells the friend she phones That he plays with the stones
She will be his bride Together they will slide
He will naturally sweep her off her feet
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