A Scrum with M. Chretien

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A Scrum with M. Chretien
Mr. Crachan, Mr. Crachan!
Mr. Crachan, just a few questions, please.
Mr. Crachan, what do you intend to do about the loony?
Radcline can look after himself.
The other question.
Mr. Crachan, was Paul Martin fired or did he quit?
Sir, people are saying that you're staying on just despite Mr. Martin.
Do you have a grudge?
I have a two-car grudge.
But, you know, there's no...
It's a battle you.
Sir, what do you plan to do when you retire?
You know, I will spend more time with my family.
I want to spend more time with my family. That's what I want.
That's not what they want.
What does that mean?
Sir, will it be you who chooses your successor?
I've said to the Canadian people, I have my job.
And I will do my job.
And it's my job to do my job, as long as I have my job.
That's my job.
But when I don't have my job, then someone else will do my job.
But it's not my job to pick the guy who will do my job.
Yes, sir, your Minister of Health recently admitted that he smoked marijuana.
Well, I think he was stoned when he said that.
Why do you think that, sir?
Well, you know, he had seat belt on his couch, and I was sure of that.
Sir, you've been having a lot of problems with your ministers lately.
In fact, in the fall, Art Eggleton was forced to resign,
because we found out that he gave his girlfriend a job.
Well, you know, she gave him a job, he gave her a job.
That's, I don't know.
It's not our business.
Trudeau said that, don't smell bad.
Well, sir, when he was Minister of Defense,
we found out the Canadian forces were handing Taliban prisoners over to the Americas.
Nobody in your government seemed to know what was going on.
Sir, what did Mr. Eggleton know, and when did he know it?
I don't know.
Sir, didn't, he was in your cabinet.
Didn't you work closely with him?
We, you know, we work together.
And we have a system that we work well together.
You know, he does not say what he's knowing, and I don't know what I'm saying.
Sir, sir, do you plan to contribute to the Bush campaign against Iraq?
I've told the Canadian people that the Canadian soldiers will do what they have to do,
and we will do our best, and we will contribute.
And we will have some, we will provide some equipment.
We will provide some Marines and seeking helicopters.
To the Americans?
No, to the Iraqis.
Well, sir, one more question.
Now, let's talk about some of your opposition parties.
Let's talk about the Canadian Alliance Party, since we're here in the West.
Why do you think they got rid of Stockwell Day?
Well, you know, he was too far to the right.
And when he wore a wetsuit, you could see that.
You know, for me, hello.
And for me, that's why he could not control his caucus.
I am a big caucus.
I know that I control that because I'm a hands-on guy.
I'm a hands-on guy.
Ladies and gentlemen, still your Prime Minister, Monsieur Jean-François.
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