The Key of Eh?

The Illustrated Canadian Songbook
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The Key of Eh?
it's such a vast country is there anything we have in common well yes yes
there is and to celebrate it we'd like to do a song in the Canadian key the key
of eight after saying something American say huh and in France you'll hear them
say let's ball teenagers okay make a statement okay and then they go okay but
in Canada every thought is followed with an eight this a we utter where does it
come from it's not a as in vitamin or as in atom bomb it doesn't indicate the
grade for which students sweat in fact it has nothing to do with the alphabet but
it separates the we from the bay from Vancouver to St. John's to Hudson's Bay
you can drink a coke or drive a Chevrolet it's a verbal indiscretion an
involuntary yelp it's more than just today it's a cry for help we always
add an a when we have a point to make to check that you're still listening or
indeed are still awake
why do we always put an A at the end of everything we say it's a law we all
seem to obey and when we do it we give ourselves away
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