Twas the Scots Who Built This Country!

The Illustrated Canadian Songbook
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Twas the Scots Who Built This Country!
It was the Scots that built this country.
It should never be forgot
In each Canadian family,
Somewhere, there's a Scot.

When Sir John A. MacDonald looked out across this land,
What he saw before him, a Scot would understand.
Those first few encounters with the savages were hot.
It's First Nations, not 'savages.'
- I was referring to the Scots.

St Andrew's ball is lavish each year in Montreal.
All around the world the Scots are famous for their balls.
Wherever Scotsmen travelled,
There were two things that they brought.
Whiskey, and containers.
- The containers were the Scots.

'Twas the Scots that built this country.
By the Scots this land was built.
Not by pea soup or Yorkshire pudding
But by porridge, pipe and kilt

While politicians argue what is right and what is not.
They do it in the comfort of buildings made by Scots.
In every corporation, they've always saved a spot
For a portrait of their founder:
A penny-pinching, glowering, red-faced.
Whiskey-drinking, Presbyterian anhedonic,
Bagpipe-squeezing, caber-tossing, apoplectic.
Haggis-eating Scot!

'Twas the Scots that built this country.
With great big hairy knees.
We owe a debt of gratitude.
Two more whiskeys, please!
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