Heartbreak Nortel

The Illustrated Canadian Songbook
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Heartbreak Nortel
Since my money left me, I found a new place to dwell
On the corner of lowly street at Heartbreak Nortel
I feel low
Nortel has exploded the TSC balloon
There's a whole lot of Canadians who won't be retiring soon
We feel low
Heartbreak Nortel
If you didn't sell
I didn't sell at 60 at 50, I didn't stir
I got out at 13 bucks, well, duh
We were talking fiber optics and high-tech instruments
And now we're talking savings banks and two-and-a-half percent
Aren't we prudence?
Hey Ricky, Ricky
Yeah, tonight is my bridge night
No, jumping
You hear about the bulls and the bears
Well, there's me, the jackass
Somebody told me that if you'd spent a hundred bucks on Nortel
And a hundred bucks on beer a year ago
Today, you'd have nine dollars of Nortel and ten dollars of empties
They told me that
But hey, but hey, but hey
They're having a Nortelathon
Yes, operators are standing by to take the rest of your freaking money
But they haven't gone out of business
That stock will rise again
It'll go up to a hundred bucks
And we'll be dead by then
Hot break, Nortel
Hot break, if it didn't sell
Blow it, Ricky
I did
I did
I did
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