The Rickenbacker

We're All Here
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The Rickenbacker
So you're putting on the Rickenbacker guitar.
The Rickenbacker guitar.
This is indeed the original Rickenbacker and Ricken ticker.
It's a very, for those of you, especially
boomers who know about rock and roll history,
the Rickenbacker guitar, was actually
responsible for folk rock.
As opposed to old folk rock, which is what we do.
Yeah, you'll probably recognize the sound
of this wonderful instrument as soon as I can get it turned on
and cracked up, as it was.
That's that guitar.
That's what they use.
I mean, not this actual one, because I couldn't get that one.
They wanted too much money for that.
And they also did.
You recognize that?
That's that one, too.
Cool, eh?
I got it, you know?
It's got to be.
You bought that guitar just for that, didn't you?
I just wanted to go to parties and go, ah, ah.
What do I do now?
I can't sing the tune.
Hey, guys!
Yeah, that was cool.
Oh, OK, we'll do our own tune with this,
because it's kind of a folk song.
Yeah, it's a song we wrote.
We'd like you to enjoy it.
Yeah, it's a nice song.
It's not really funny.
Well, not intentionally.
We'll see.
Certainly don't feel compelled to laugh.
We'll be just as happy if you don't.
We do have a serious side.
We have an emotional, a deep side.
Yeah, we have feelings, don't we?
OK, Rick, thanks very much for tonight.
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