Space Love

We're All Here
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Space Love
10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
Lift off!

Welcome to the 'Mir' my dear
It's very nice to have you here
You space chicks are really hot
That space suit with the sexy zippers
Is giving me a big dipper
You put the 'ass' in astronaut

Oh, we'll make space, love
Together we will have a weightless date
Oh, let's make space, love
Weightlessness, why should we wait?

When it's time for us to docking
Then we will be interlocking
Like an intercosmic sex machine
You'll twist and turn like Olga Korbut
As I send you into orbit
We'll boldy go where no one has ever been

Oo, we'll make Space love
And it doesn't really matter who's on top
Oh, we'll make Space love
Once you start to turn, it's hard to stop

Darozhka, my name is Boris Blastoff.
If I tell you you have a heavenly body, will you hold it against me?
I have a rocket in my pocket.
Tell me darling, is Boris Good enough? Did the Earth move?

Oh, we'll make space, love
It's what happens when Space boy meets Space girl
Oh, let's make space, love
It will be out of this world
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