I'm Disappointed

20th Anniversary
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I'm Disappointed
I'm disappointed a little bit. I have to confess, I thought I would do better.
Really? What happened?
I think it's because I was abused as a child.
Well, that's terrible, George. I didn't know that.
I did it myself.
That doesn't count. I won't get you on Oprah.
Not everyone's doing well. Look at Sean Connery.
Come on, Sean Connery's doing well.
Oh, he's a disappointed man, Ricky Blue.
Oh, yeah. He would like to be in all those new Bond movies.
So why can't he be?
Well, he can't get through the screen test.
The screen test? Like the audition?
Well, why?
Why not? It's like: "the name's Bond. I used to know this. Let me try it in French. Je m'appelle Bond, jambon."
He's getting older.
Is that what you're trying to say?
Getting older.
He's getting older.
But you know, some people are doing extraordinarily well. For example, for example, the owner of an enormous software company.
I'm talking about Mr. Bill Gates doing very well.
So well that he's known as the entre-prenerd, right?
That's it?
Thought we'd do a little thing about the millennium.
Computers there.
Because you bought a computer.
I bought a computer recently.
Yeah, it cost me 2,000 bucks.
But he said, why 2K?

20th Anniversary

Bowser & Blue

18 songs | 59:34 Released 1999

A great CD for the car, this includes a song about a highway, 'The Talking 401 Blues,' and a song for underachieving golfers. Many other big hits from the live show including the popular Youtube song 'It Ain't Easy, Being White'.

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