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20th Anniversary
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The Next Question
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Lucien Bouchard, if you please, if you please, good evening,
Contrary to what people say, things are going well in Quebec, in Quebec, the English and
the French have been getting along well since 1759, and now it's 20 or 7, you see, yes.
I'm very pleased to see the efforts that are being made by the opposition parties to
I remember when I was in Ottawa, I frequently offered to take Mr. Manning how to launch.
Unfortunately, he was already there, yes, if you please, if you please, if you please.
I would like also to congratulate Mr. Jean Charest, who left a federal party to lose
an election in Quebec, but he won more of the popular vote.
He just does not realize that in Quebec what is important is the unpopular vote.
I have that, all of it, I have this, yes, and I would like to say a few words to the Jewish
community of Canada, have a Naguila, yes, have another Naguila, they're very small.
I know this, even though I am a goi, sorry, a goi, pardon, yes, to me, Hebrew is the third
person singular of the verb to brew, but let me say, please, please, please, please, please.
It is possible, it is possible, it is possible, it is possible, that we in Quebec will have
to face, we will have to face, we will have to face another referendum, and when we do,
I assure you the question will be clear, in fact I have the question now, here is the
question for the next referendum in Quebec.
Are you sure you don't want to not separate, yes or no, that's it, very clear, very clear.
Now a bit of music from a very popular artist in Quebec, from Alvis.

20th Anniversary

Bowser & Blue

18 songs | Released 1999

A great CD for the car, this includes a song about a highway, 'The Talking 401 Blues,' and a song for underachieving golfers. Many other big hits from the live show including the popular Youtube song 'It Ain't Easy, Being White'.

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