20th Anniversary
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1991, we were all still cyber-dumb, unaware of our impending fate, how were we to know
back then that the decade would end with the world's worst computer date?
In 1992, Bill Gates said, I know what to do, Microsoft is the leanest and the meanest.
After all, how many schmucks can say they made a billion bucks with a company they named
after their penis?
1993, Bill Gates said, leave it to me, this millennium bug talk is absurd.
I will save the human race swooping down through cyberspace, look out, it's Super.Nerd!
1994, we knew we still had six years more, millennium warnings were mounting, except
in Israel, where the people said, Big deal, here it's Y6K, Bato's counting.
1995, we knew we faced a long hard drive, Bill Gates told us, relax, I am the great
computer whiz, and I figured out 2000 is just 1869 plus tax.
1996, you can't teach old DOS new tricks, but Bill said, have no fear, Y2K will be just
fine if you think of it like a K9, after all, it's only 285 Dug years.
1997, we look back at the first eleven, those dark ages did not go dark.
Their manuscripts did not go blank, the first thousand didn't break the bank, but they had
St. Augustine, we've got Dick Clark, look it's Windows 98, the problem solves it, Mr.
Gates, the answer is in these bytes and bits, Super.Nerd is finally one, let me show you
how it's done, I just press on this button, oh shit.
1999, Super.Nerd is waiting for a sign, he's retreated to his virtual chapel, where his
wishes did come true, on the eve of YK2, that was the end of the world we knew, someone
bought Bill Gates an apple.

20th Anniversary

Bowser & Blue

18 songs | 59:34 Released 1999

A great CD for the car, this includes a song about a highway, 'The Talking 401 Blues,' and a song for underachieving golfers. Many other big hits from the live show including the popular Youtube song 'It Ain't Easy, Being White'.

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