A Perfect Ass

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A Perfect Ass
Life can be trouble, and I know I've often struggled to complete what they call a daily grind.
And I rented some guys who are very, very wise, say that life only happens in your mind.
Well, if that is a rule and they're teaching it in school, I go straight to the bottom of the class.
And maybe I'm dense, but in my experience, my whole life has happened to my ass.
It's been hauled, it's been kicked, it's been got out of town, it's been burned, it's been yours, it's been mine.
And it's never been a prize, sometimes it has been wise, and it's pretty much all who's been on the line.
I've had to watch it and cover it, and find it in the dark, and I've been invited to park it somewhere.
I've got it out of the way, and I've busted it all day, and my old lady says my head is up there.
I hear people saying this, where there is a pain, it can be smart, it can be dumb, it can be tight.
And it's hers, and it's his, and it's what the law is, and it's where things come back to bite.
And it's where people kiss up, and it's where people get what, and it's referred to by people who scoff.
And if you want to turn a profit, you have to get off it.
And if you're lucky, sometimes you laugh it off.
The other day I went and had a colonoscopy.
That's when they stick a camera in your insides.
I followed the instructions and prepared most carefully, because believe me, there's no place you can hide.
It was expertly administered, as far as I could tell, by someone with a lot of know-how.
His work was most impressive, and I thanked him very much.
And he said, good, I'll go and get the doctor, and I'll...
I asked my colonoscopy, my colonist first class, whatever else is wrong with me.
At least I have a perfect house.
A perfect house, you're a perfect house.
If you're alive, or you're alive, a perfect house is enough.
We all want to see one, you can be the only one.
If you really, really die, until the day you die, anyone can be a perfect house.
Thank you.


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14 songs | 41:47 Released 2020

Recorded during the pandemic, this is packed full of great new songs like 'Autoroute / Game of Cones', 'Big Box Store', 'The Prostate Blues' and 'Hudson'.

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