Coffee And a Donut

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Coffee And a Donut
Copy and Donut is number one on my list when the day's begun
So I can go out and get her done
Coffee and a donut Napoleon met his waterloo because of what he didn't do
Wash some dough down with a brew Coffee and a donut
When the mighty Casey came to bat he was full of peanuts and cracker jacks
He should have chosen a better snack Coffee and a donut
The Queen of France lost her head Let them eat cake is what she said
She should have offered them instead Coffee and a donut
That's what I'm talking about Coffee and a donut That's what I can't live without
Coffee and a donut When I get out of bed
Coffee and a donut At my fit it tells me I'm dead
Coffee and a donut
When life began it's just a guess The Big Bang Theory is the best
For me life starts when I eat chest Coffee and a donut
Coffee and a donut is heaven sent When you get up and go
Get up and win if it didn't exist We'd have to invent coffee and a donut


Bowser & Blue

14 songs | 41:47 Released 2020

Recorded during the pandemic, this is packed full of great new songs like 'Autoroute / Game of Cones', 'Big Box Store', 'The Prostate Blues' and 'Hudson'.

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