Three Squares a Day

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Three Squares a Day
When I grew up my family was very, very poor But we scraped by and somehow we kept hunger
from the door Even in the meanest times My daddy used to say
No matter what you'll always get You're three squares a day
Daddy might have been in debt He earned his wages with his sweat
But we knew we would always get three squares a day
But to this end we soon did learn We had to do our part
Saving money, cutting corners We had to live smart
So with toilet paper to his rule We would obey
With no excuse we'd only use Three squares a day
And he said do your part for Uncle Sammy Learn a bit of origami
You can score a triple whammy Three squares a day
Three squares a day My daddy used to say
Ah, you're a lot in rations Come what may
Three squares a day Keeps bankruptcy in May
But today there is an issue That you can't buy toilet tissue
Oh, how I miss you My three squares a day


Bowser & Blue

14 songs | 41:47 Released 2020

Recorded during the pandemic, this is packed full of great new songs like 'Autoroute / Game of Cones', 'Big Box Store', 'The Prostate Blues' and 'Hudson'.

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