Tax Time Again

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Tax Time Again
You can't be unemployed in this country. That's one thing I never need to fear.
No matter how much time spent, I'm working for the government at least half of the year.
That's why I get so downhearted when I make my annual report.
Cause it's hard to survive with a wife and two children at three levels of government to support.
It's tax time again. It goes on all year round.
It's tax time again. It's another shake down.
It's tax time again. Till you're buried in the ground, I was barely given by.
Now they're gonna suck me dry. It's how I know I didn't die.
What? It's tax time again.
It's tax time again. It's tax time again.
It's tax time again
It's tax time again
It's tax time again
It's tax time again
Well, most of us just want to enjoy life
Pay the tax bill and get on with the show
But it's so complicated
I have to pay a guy just to figure out how much I've written
It's tax time again
The tax man's at the door
It's tax time again
And it's me he's looking for
It's tax time again
He's coming back for more
I had a little put away
I saved it from my bigger pay
It was gonna take a holiday
But hey, it's tax time again


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Recorded during the pandemic, this is packed full of great new songs like 'Autoroute / Game of Cones', 'Big Box Store', 'The Prostate Blues' and 'Hudson'.

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