She Wants Me

Pull My Finger
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She Wants Me
I know she likes me
- As a stranger
She dreams about me
- And wakes up screaming
She wants to see me
- In the distance
She wants me
- To go away

She wants to call me
- A taxi
Invite me over
- A cliff
She'll stand behind me
- And push
She wants me
- To go away

She wants to squeeze me
- Through a porthole
She finds me attractive
- To fleas
She really needs me
- To drop dead
She even wants to kiss me
- Off

She remembers me
- And winces
She talks about me
- To her lawyer
I know she'll have me
- Stuffed and mounted
She wants me
- To go away

She wants to lay me
- On a train track
She wants to tie me up
- And leave
She wants to screw me
- Out of everything
She even wants to blow me
- Away

I inspire her
- With pity
She misses me
- Her aim's improving
She wants my heart
- On a spike
She wants me
She wants me
She wants me
- To go away

Pull My Finger

Bowser & Blue

11 songs | 31:0 Released 2004

Includes the title song, and Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson's Christmas classic, 'Hey, Santa Claus!' Recorded live.

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