Pull My Finger
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We would like to do a song now in honor of the festive season.
And we know that people are taking great planes ... not great 'planes'
These new lips are working out fine!
Taking great pains ... not to offend during the holiday season,
and so we picked a sort of a non-, well, you know, generic Christmas song.
In fact, it was written by an Australian named Kevin Bloody Wilson.
And he visited Canada recently. He liked it very much.
He was in Quebec, and he said, Quebecers are like Australians, but without the refinement.
So, it is a sing-along, and we want you to help us out.
It's an Australian sing-along, so of course it's brutally simple.
There are only two words, and we don't sing them together.
The two words are 'hey Santa!'
So it goes like this.
Hey Santa! Hey Santa!
Okay, let's try that one. It's not simple enough.
Okay, you'll do the part with Rick. Hey Santa! Hey Santa!
Okay, this is going to work great. So here it is, a Christmas song. It's quite a sad little song.

Pull My Finger

Bowser & Blue

11 songs | 31:0 Released 2004

Includes the title song, and Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson's Christmas classic, 'Hey, Santa Claus!' Recorded live.

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