Pull My Finger

Pull My Finger
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Pull My Finger
When I think of my grandpa, I get all warm and sappy
And though I was feeling low, suddenly I'm happy
Remembering the melody of his jolly chuckle
As he'd invite me to tug on his extended knuckle
Pull my finger, he would say, he never gave the game away
I was young and so unwise, he always caught me by surprise
Come on young fellow, grandpa said, don't stand there and fidget
So I threw caution to the wind and grabbed his upwards digit
That's the day that I found out that my grandpa was LinkedIn
The wisdom of the ancient sphinx, through his ancient sphincter
Pull my fingers, what he said, don't be shy, go ahead
I pulled his finger and I found its wind that makes the world go round
When grandpa was very old and not for long would linger
He'd call me to his side and held up a trembling finger
No medicines could keep him here, no concoctions herbal
I had a feeling his last words would probably be non-verbal
I pulled his finger one last time and I heard the choir supply
Just before grandpa was gone, he passed gas and then passed on
Some folks think it is a shame at this new millennium
There are so few traditions left, we can't remember any of them
Every family really needs to have a firm foundation
And finger pulling is a way to spam the generations
Pull my finger when you're down, you will hear a joyful sound
Get something that each man tries to teach his son before he dies
Pull my finger, don't be squirming, can you say it now in German?
Here, at my own finger
You really have to
Here, I told you
Pull my finger, why don't you say it like the Russians do
Oh, you're collaring
Pull my finger, won't you please say it now in Japanese?
Pull my finger
Pull my finger

Pull My Finger

Bowser & Blue

11 songs | Released 2004

Includes the title song, and Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson's Christmas classic, 'Hey, Santa Claus!' Recorded live.

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